Everyone has a story. And if you lift up the edges and look underneath, it seems everyone’s story contains some twist of serendipity in which, because one thing happened at the precise moment it did, something else took place that led with apparent inevitability to the unfolding expression of that person’s passion and perfect path. Sometimes the story’s interlocking threads are very loosely woven and the path from there to here is barely visible. Other times the connections are so clear it seems that life is taking no chances in getting people to places and circumstances where their gifts can be shared with the world.
I was blessed with a love of listening, and I’m immensely privileged to have the opportunity in my work to listen to the stories of artists, poets, architects, designers, innovators, and other thoughtful, creative people, and to share their stories through the written word. Over the years I’ve learned the parallel skills of listening more deeply with the heart and translating what I hear into meaningful narrative. I do this in my work not only to reflect the perspective, experiences, and achievements of the person I’m writing about, but also to crack open windows so that I—and readers—can gaze into other, valuable ways of perceiving our own lives.

My own story for the first 18 years organizes itself in my mind...